Friday, August 14, 2009


What do you listen to when you cook? Do you have a jammin' out in the kitchen sing-along session? Do you just turn on whatever's on the radio? Do you have a set culinary playlist? Do you just let the simmering sauce sing to you?

I probably put too much thought into what the iPod plays as I cook away, but sometimes I am very particular. The other day, I needed my angsty love, Ingrid Michaelson. A week or so ago, (I'm embarrassed I'm even writing this down), ABBA was all that would do (if you tell anyone about that, I'll lie and deny it).

Tonight I came home to binge cook; I had three different meals going at the same time, outfitting myself with leftovers for the next week, and for the life of me, I couldn't decide what to listen to. It gnawed at me. So I just put the thing on random and let it go. It just wasn't right.

Tunes are crucial. What do you listen to in the kitchen?


Hollywood said...

must not be a tunes and cooking kind of person b/c I just don't have a regular play list. usually it is just the radio.

Alexandra said...

It frankly depends on the genre of food: Puccini for Italian (it makes me feel very "Moonstruck"), Santana or Shakira or if I'm really desperate, Enrique Iglesias when I'm making Latin food, Old-school piano jazz for Soul Food, Michael Buble for desserts, and when I'm feeling avante-garde and inventive, it's usually something like Queen, Aerosmith, or Cher.

tkangaroo said...

It definitely depends on what I am cooking, and who I am with. . . If I am alone, anything I can sing and be melodramatic over--or dance to (when no one else can see me). If B is around, something we can harmonize to or dance together with--or relive memories together.

I remember clearly moments of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to "Fly me to the Moon," and then everything from your beloved Leona to John Legend's "Greenlight."

It is all about the mood of the food, and if I am not feeling it, I have to switch it up until the right tone is set for cooking.