Monday, December 21, 2009


Just add food and friends

Grapefruit shrimp and bay scallops. I believe in tradition, but I also believe in keeping it a little fresh with some unexpected additions. These made a nice cameo this year.

Deep-frying the turkey with style. Being in the South, we embraced the deep-frying bug, and I may never let go.

One transcendentally juicy turkey. Don't be fooled by the crusty (oh the beautifully crisp delectable crust) exterior. That thing was divine.

A whole lotta' pies. Pecan is a family tradition, and I'm trying really hard to make the chocolate cheesecake a tradition, too.

Traditional sides: candied sweet potatoes and fruit stuffing

Purple mashed potatoes. We thought the purple would be fun for the kids. We were not disappointed. And no, we didn't dye them: they came that way.

Family tradition: saurkraut is served at Thanksgiving. With some sausage, onion, apple, and brown sugar, it's pretty good.

These orange and rosemary carrots have been my go-to side dish lately. They're easy, great, and elegant.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Any awesome food traditions with your family? Please share.