Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guest Post: Domestic Showcase Summer Salad

Thanks to Ruby for the guest post.

I once gave my sister The Cottage Cheese Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Cottage Cheese.
I ensure you this recipe was not included; however it does include chesse de la cottage in a surprisingly sophisticated way (at least I think so). I adore this salad because of its texture and it feels more substantial than your everyday mix of spinach. I learned to make it from a college friend who we deemed the "Domestic Showcase"--my motto is fake it till you make it and this salad is so easy...

domestic showcase summer salad:

  • toss fresh spinach leaves
  • about 3/4 a container of cottage cheese
  • lots or red or purple grapes- I prefer really flavorful purple ones from the CFM, but that's your call
  • a few splashes of zesty italian dressing
  • [sunflower seeds or pine nuts optional]
you're done! I don't measure--to get the proportions just right you have to taste and sample until your tastebuds say, "Yes!"

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