Friday, March 28, 2008

An experiment

I hate following recipes. I always get sidetracked in the middle of them by crazy ideas like, "do you think I should add sweet potatoes to this?" I love to experiment. Being bound by a recipe is stifling; it's like being trapped in a 3x5 prison guarded by Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker; sometimes you just want to break out, live dangerously, put apples on the pizza or raspberries on the porkchops, substitute carrots for bok choy, parsley for mint, cut the fennel in half, and just leave out the star anise entirely because you have no idea how to use the scary-looking spice. So, here on my new blog, I thought I'd share some of my more promising experiments.

Now, I'll be honest with you: not everything I have created has been good by any means. I have resigned myself to eating lots of disgusting things following failed experiments(like the time I made an enormous pot of spicy curry noodles after having made substitutions for just about everything; they were so bad, and I ended up eating tupperwares full of it for lunch for a week). Just for your benefit, a little bit of orange zest goes a long way (a really long way), you really shouldn't use the green parts of leeks, and you can't substitute skim milk for heavy cream. However, experimenting is fun. It's like an adventure where you have no idea how things will turn out until you're putting it on a plate and offering it to your friends (that's where things get a little scary, but I'm glad I have understanding friends).

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Emily said...

I like it! well worded and witty. i'm so excited to see your wonderful creations posted!